The range of services

Gierusz and Partners Accounting Office offers the wide range of services supporting companies on each stage of their development in thr following fields:

  1. Advisory and keeping of accounting records:

    a)  keeping of accounting records on daily basis
    b)  preparing financial statements,
    c)  preparing internal reports for management purposes,
    d)  preparing external reports for banks and offices,
    e)  accounting related advisory services ,
    f)  dealing with accounting and tax arrears.
  2. Keeping of tax books:
  3. Administration of staff and payroll:

    a)  keeping staff registers,
    b)  monitoring of employer’s duties,
    c)  preparing payroll,
    d)  dealing with personal income tax and national insurance settlements.
  4. Management accounting and controlling:

    a)  implementation of marginal costing,
    b)  analysis of breakeven point and operating leverage,
    c)  implementation of activity based costing.
  5. Other services:

    a)  preparing economic analysis, business plans and credit applications,
    b)  fulfilling forms for Central Statistical Office,
    c)  preparing accounting policy, instructions for a warehouse,
    d)  help in issuing sale invoices and internal invoices,
    e)  tax- payers’ registration and actualization of data,
    f)  tax settlements of individual clients.

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